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I had seen chiropractors off and on throughout my life, usually when something hurt or I had twisted my bacl:? somehow. However, when I moved to Raleigh, I decided to try to be more deliberate about my health, and chiropractic care was one of the things I considered. I had always struggled with lower bacl:? pain and necl:? soreness. In worbing with Dr. Beaumont, he pinpointed for me on my detailed x­rays where my spine was out of alignment and the potential health impacts. I started seeing him twice a weel:?, and noticed an almost immediate improvement in my bacb and necl:? pains. He also gave me stretches to do at home to augment my appointments with him. One day I went to see him immediately following an appointment I had with my regular doctor about tingling I had in my hands. Since I worb on the computer all day, I assumed I was getting carpel tunnel syndrome. The doctor had me do a few movements with my hands to see if I had any pain, and while I didn't have any pain as she anticipated, she said I had the beginning stages of carpel tunnel, and p??escribed braces and physical therapy. When I was at my appointment with Dr. Beaumont I casually mentioned that I had been to the doctor and she had diagnosed me with carpel tunnel. Following my regular adjustments, Dr. Beaumont checbed the movement of my arms and my pulse as I moved my arm. After some additional discussions, he said he believed I had Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. He explained that this is caused when the muscles in your necl:? and chest are tight and cut down on the circulation in your arms, causing the tingling. At that appointment he did some deep tissue worb and we continued this over my next few appointments. I saw immediate improvement! My hands no longer tingled and I hadn't been required to wear the bull:?y braces or pay for additional physical therapy! That's the bind of attention I appreciate from a doctor! He listened to me and did not mabe a snap judgment about my condition -found out what the true problem was and helped!!



My general health was good before I started receiving adjustments but I had back pain on and off. A friend told me about Dr. Beaumont - that he spends the necessary time with patients and that his off ice was not an "assembly line" kind of place. I was uninformed about chiropractic care and a little nervous at first but Dr. Beaumont put me right at ease. I have more energy, much less pain and a happier disposition! I now know more about body mechanics and know when to come get adjusted and NOT WAIT! Dr. Beaumont's office has a family atmosphere, comfortable and relaxed. I found him to be an honest, skilled practitioner - affordable, too!! I recommend him to friends all the time.



Dr. Beaumont, As a family, we want to thank you for commitment to our health. Our children no longer suffer from ear infections and we no longer are faced with having to put tubes in their ears. Yeah! Thank you for relieving my mother of her chronic back pain. Spinal decompression has made such a difference for her. She actually looks forward to visiting your office!! My husband and I both feel more energized and suffer less aches and pains. We are more active with our kids and are experiencing better health in general. No more ibuprofen or prescription pain killers for us! Thanks again. Thanks for conversation each week too! It's rare to encounter a doctor that will take the time to talk to you these days!



There are no words to truly describe the change in the quality of life I've experienced since having the treatments here in the chiropractic center with Dr. Beaumount. I was a bit skeptic when I began these treatments but am now a true believer. Prior to coming to Dr. Beaumont I was told that cervical spine surgery was urgently needed. Given the odds for true relief for the pain and numbness that I was experiencing, I said let's give it a try. Thank you Dr. Beaumont for the improvement that you have made in the quality of mylife. I recommend your treatment to anyone contemplating spinal surgery.



My daughter has been seeing Dr. Beaumont since she was just 6 months old. I read about chiropractic care and how it can help infants and children in some of my parenting magazines, and since both my husband and I also see Dr. Beaumont on a regular basis, I thought I would see what my chiropractor had to say about seeing my daughter. In talking with Dr. Beaumont I discovered that he had been doing adjustments for his son since he was only a few days old, and his son was only a few months younger than my daughter. Knowing that he did adjustments for his own son made me feel more comfortable about bringing in my daughter. My daughter now sees Dr. Beaumont routinely and we've seen the benefits. While my friends' children constantly have earaches and colds, my daughter is extremely healthy. She is three years old and has NEVER had an ear ache or an ear infection. She rarely gets colds, and when she does, they are gone in a day or two. Dr. Beaumont even helped us when she was having a bout of constipation! My daughter loves to have her "justments", as she refers to them as. She thinks it tickles and always gives Dr. Beaumont a hug when she's done. I would strongly recommend chiropractic care for infants and children. It provides wonderful, drug-free and non­invasive benefits for the health of the child!



Dr. Beaumont, I just wanted to take a second and thank you for helping me with my back. Since your treatment I have felt 110% better, if there is anything I can do for you please do not hesitate to ask.



I am still breathing today. Thank God? Absolutely! However, I also need to give thanks to Dr. Marion Beaumont II. You see, just like a lot of you, I first came to see Dr. Beaumont because I was experiencing severe discomfort in my lower back, to the point where even walking less than 100 yards hurt so much that I needed to sit and rest for a minimum of five minutes before continuing. Not much of a fun date, huh? I was recommended to Dr. Beaumont by another Chiropractor, who determined after completing a number of adjustments to my spine that I was also suffering from Disc compression, so lacking a decompression table she sent me to Dr. Beaumont. The first thing Dr. Beaumont did was to tell me that he would not begin the decompression series before taking his own x-rays. Of course, I'm thinking ... "Here we go. Fattening the bill already". Well, I didn't realize that Dr. Beaumont's x-ray machine was newer and more powerful than most of the local Chiropractor's machines, and perhaps it might uncover some anomaly previously undetected; and also, ifhe was to begin the decompression before seeing things for himself, he would be assuming the liability on the word of another doctor alone. Not really the brightest thing to do ... and as it turned-out, in my case it would have been a grievous and perhaps fatal error. The x-rays revealed a Triple-A (Abdominal aortic aneurism) approximately the size of a tomato, the back of it resting directly against the spine. I was quickly rushed into the hospital for an ultra-sound verification, finding a second Thoracic Abdominal aortic aneurism even larger, then basically rushed into surgery to have most of my descending aorta replaced. The Vascular surgeon that performed the procedure explained that I was a walking time-bomb, and that he was surprised that both aneurisms were able to grow to such an extent. He told me that the usual procedure is to recommend operating when a Triple-A gets to 2/3 the size of either of the aneurisms of mine that he had to repair, and that it was a miracle that neither had erupted previously. The aortic wall is thin enough when it is its normal state, but when stretched the way it was it more resembled a balloon wall. Rubbing that thin wall against a spine during decompression traction, especially one with calcified deposits, is probably not the best of ideas. What really threw this surgeon for a loop is when I told him that the lower aneurism was discovered by a Chiropractic doctor. He was genuinely impressed ... so ifhe was, then so was I. So, yeah, I thank God that the aneurisms were discovered on time, but Dr. Beaumont also deserves some credit as well.



Before I started visiting Dr. Beaumont for chiropractic care, l·suff ered from lower back pain. This pain included, lower back pressure, hip discomfort and multiple shooting and throbbing pain in the legs. I found some comfort in taking 8-12 Advil a day, in addition to prescription medication, all for the release of physical as well as mental pain that was associated with lower back pain. After several visits with Dr. Beaumont, my pain and discomfort subsided. I am now able to exercise on a regular basis and do daily activities without the constant fear of injuring my back. I felt this was made possible through the professional knowledge that Dr. Beaumont offers not only to me, but all his patients.

-Thanks,  D.G.


  • "Dr. Jones is wonderful and so is his staff. I would recommend him to anyone."
  • "Dr. Smith is the best! She took the time to learn about me as a person not just a patient."

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